Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Think I Just Found My Scruples!

Guess what! I'm writing this in class. oops, there go my scruples again. Which class? Humor in Jewish Literature, as taught by this man. He was recently named Acting Director of the Israel Institute at Columbia! By the way, it's my half birthday.

We're talking about Kafka right now. This guy is great. He sounds like he's from Great Neck, which makes me feel RIGHT AT HOME, even though I'm not from there. I think you get it. Furthermore, I'm taking notes in "Modern No. 20," which is a very fancy font that looks like a rich person's typewriter. He really has a pumpkin pie haircut right now, though. Please let me just take the center part out of your hair, Jeremy!

By the way, I'm getting my hair cut after this. My friend's doing it for free. AND BEFORE YOU GET UP IN ARMS-- she's cut my hair before, and she's a very talented lady. It looks like this guy is picking his nose a few rows in front of me. Everyone here is Jewish, but somehow they're all waaaaaaay more Jewish than me. Perhaps it's because I'm of mixed ethnicity.

Here's a picture of me on the beach at puerto rico in a week!!

YEP, I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good for you getting your friend to cut your hair. I wish ned would let someone other than my hairdresser cut my hair... because I think i could do it. haha. i mean it'll grow back right? also, i hope you don't have heinous tan lines in your wedding like that lady. haha?

11:51 PM  

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