Tuesday, November 30, 2004


What a cow looks like on the inside

This link will take you to a diagram of cuts of beef on a cow. I'm sitting in my room, eating some Beef Jerky, wondering which area the jerky comes from. Perhaps the round? The shank? The tenderloin?

At any rate, I know exactly where the beef is now. In my sated belly. That's right, sated. Mmmm beef jerky. Eating it is the best part

The State Chahges a Dollah Twenty-five, Pop

DVDs I brought back to school from home after Thanksgiving:

The Ice Storm
A Life Less Ordinary
The Boy In The Plastic Bubble

Here is what I occupy my time with:

Trying to make counterfeit dorm keys with the fake credit cards that come in the mail,
Pretending to stab things with my knitting needles (size 10 1/2),
Singing along to Magnetic Fields,
Raising my venetian blinds so the sunshine pours in,
Finding newer and better ways to astonish people.

I'm on fire; you're my playground love.

Monday, November 29, 2004

It's Still Funny

A Banana Peel! Still laughing.

I drew a mustache on Don with some eyeliner. He looked like a tuff matador...or the like. I have to convince more people to let me draw mustaches on them. On Halloween I dressed up as "Pregnant Becky." I'd like to do that more often, too.

Life In A Northern Town

the BIGGEST news of my life


I saw a guy trip on a banana peel! In real life!! AAAAAAA!

They Have Stickers

Did Thanksgiving Break refresh me even more than I expected?

Yes, yes it did. In University Writing this afternoon, not only did I NOT excuse myself from class to fall asleep in the hall, but I also felt a fresh drive to fix my papers and get things going again. I'll probably get bogged down again eventually, but not today!

I'm refreshed! Like my phone after a long night in the charger! Like a palette on Kid Pix that just got bomb-erased! Like McMurphy fresh off the lobotomy table! (wait a minute, forget that last one) Ahhhhhhhhhh...feels-a so good-a that I have-a to do-a the Italian-a accent-a. It. Feels. That. Good.

Step Daddy

Here's a great song: "Step Daddy"

Go on, Hitman Sammy Sam.

Here's the chorus:
(kids) you ain't my daddy!
(HSS) Shut up!
(k) you ain't my daddy!
(HSS) Shut up!
I'ma call yo mama
(k) Call my mama!
(HSS) I'm gonna tell yo mama!
(k) Tell my mama!
(HSS) You so bad!
(k) I'm so bad? You're just mad 'cause you ain't my dad.

then later there's this part where Hitman is all "Who's in the kitchen?! Better be sleepwalking!"
and the kids reply "WE HUNGRY!"

Amazing. I could do "the Step Daddy" forever...I imagine the dance looks something like the Roger Rabbit. Which I can do. And do often.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Just Say the Word, Sussudio

Why do I love the song "Sussudio" so much?

Why not post twice within two hours?

What is my favorite The Who song?
"You Are Forgiven"

The other night, I watched Rushmore all the way through. It's difficult to watch the whole thing sometimes, but I did, and I am happy about it. Taken as a whole, it's amazing.

So is Clifford, starring one sir Martin Short.

I wish I knew how to italicize.

This Old Familiar Ruse

My first entry! First of several! Most likely!

Here is Becky:
1) thrilled about blogging, since I seem to take on more and more obsessive internet hobbies as semester continues
2) constantly worried about misspelling words
3) will drink any kind of soda...Any Kind. That's right, even Beverly. But I won't like the Beverly. No one does.
4) half-heartedly believe that using a blue pen on quizzes will give me luck
5) hid a red balloon in my closet over Thanksgiving break so that when I returned to my room, I would be surprised by a red balloon jumping out of the closet at me!
6) registered for fencing next semester...why?
7) because it was hard to get the classes I wanted
8) enjoy sweet potatoes:
a) for the taste
b) because once, in my youth, I saw on Pop-Up Video that women who eat a lot of sweet potatoes are more likely to have twins
9) am (platonically) fascinated by twins
10) last movie I saw: The Incredibles

To Do: write first entry...check.