Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Portrait Of Dorian Gray As A Young Man

the show went really well.
what the hell is this?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Twelve Eighteen

a) songs we sing in the orientation varsity show:
-Four Years (about getting your admission letter and moving to new york)
-The Stroke (about the swim test) (about
-Roar, Lion, Roar (about Columbia and why other ivy league schools can go ahead and sit on it)

b) times we've rehearsed, couting today:

c) number of boxes I unpacked in The Lodge:

d) can I put a picture of The Lodge up?
-let me see


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Your Associates

1) I moved into EC

2) my room's transformation into The Lodge is in progress

3) I miss home more than I anticipated

4) EC's effing CHRONIC, though.

5) Plus, I'm already living the dream, and by that I mean that I've already eaten cereal in my pajamas in the living room while watching TV. My own living room to eat cereal in!

6) this whole wood-and-yellow paint thing might not work out, after all. The desk and closet and all that are also wood, but they're this assy yellowish wood. The wood-and-yellow paint thing really only works with like, mahogany wood and sunflower yellow paint. So it might not work out.

7) Just the same, I've already put up one strip of wood contact paper on my window-wall. And I'm buying more today.

8) AND I'm getting my ipod fixed for the fourth time today.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Roy Scheider, The Show Stopper

great news! It actually was a stitch!

I found out today when I went back for the maxillofacial surgeon's check-up.
Not only: did I not have whitefish salad stuck in my gum for days
But also: all the nurses in the office were really happy to see me.
Because apparently the anesthesia fucked me up to HILARIOUS proportions after the surgery. Every nurse I saw this morning was like "good morni- OH HI! hahaha good morning! How are you doing?!" Mom said I did the whole "I coulda been a contender" thing at least four times. Also, I apparently asked them to explain the procedure every time someone new came into the room.

Girls named Becky on tv shows are generally assholes. One exception is Roseanne.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kiss Katherine's Grits!

-thanks for taking the poll, bitch-face!

-I really just wish they'd play a few different episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia rather than play the same 3 over and over again

-if Aziz Ansari and I ever wanted to join forces, we could go by either "Beckziz Ansabrams" or "Azicky Abrasari"

-those Volkswagen commercials where two people are talking about nothing in a car and then they crash into another car out of nowhere are really effective

-today I found out that what I thought was maybe a stitch from my wisdom tooth surgery was really a little fish bone from some whitefish salad

-that's gross!

-seriously, that is so hane.

-I wish we had some alcohol in the house

-it's pretty suspicious that they've only come out with these Patron commercials not two weeks after I found out it existed.

-nice try, Ed Harris

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just Stating The Facts, Ma'am

I'm going to do a poll and you guys should think about answering it, maybe.

Question A:
have you ever put your fist through glass? If so, did it bleed a lot?

Question B:
Coffee or tea?

Question C:
What did you do for the fourth of July this year?

Question D:
How many more days until my birthday?

Question E:
Did you know they did a pilot for "Aquaman" but somehow I didn't know about it because I've been watching remarkably less tv lately?

Question F:
and did you know that Aquaman was played by Fox Crane of my one and only soap, "Passions?"

Question G:
If you had a catchphrase, what would it be?

Question H:
If I had a catchphrase, what would it be?

Question I:
If there were a serial killer in your town who had a thing for girls with your style hair, would you move out of town or would you change your hair?

Question J:
When someone says they saw an ugly version of you, do you take offense?

Question K:
Would you please buy me some sheet music?

Okay. Answer the ones you want, or all of them, or none at all. And know that I'm totally watching the season finale of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" tonight. It's probably going to knock my socks off.


(here are my answers):
A: no
B: coffee
C: I went with Hannah to Coney Island, then to a Belle & Sebastian concert. Then I went to dinner with Matt, Ali, and Grandma Bobbie and watched fireworks from Grandma's roof.
D: 27
E: I don't understand the question, and I won't respond.
F: yes, after I looked it up on imdb.
G: Dignity, always dignity.
H: Who knows?
I: I'd probably change my hair and then take a long vacation or something.
J: unfortunately, yes. Because that's really a compliment, or at least it's a neutral observation.
K: No, I won't.

Keeping Up The Gibbler Family Tradition Of Public Embarrassment

today I bought flatware and repainted my nails.

also, Kate Hudson + Owen Wilson = WHAT

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Either The Morphine Kills Him Or The Pain Does

15 August:

- dream that I've already come home from wisdom teeth surgery
- wake up
- pee

- wake up
- shower

- get these motherfucking teeth out
("dangling conversation" was playing in the waiting room while I was waiting to go under, so I knew it would be fine)

- wake up with gauze in my mouth
- repeatedly say "I coulda been a contender"

- take an oxycodone
- take first nap

- take another nap

- another oxycodone
- another nap

- watch "House" with mom
- watch House, MD abuse morphine

Don't worry, guys. House and I can stop whenever we want.
And what else? They asked if I wanted to keep the teeth! "Yes," I told them. "Yes!"

Monday, August 14, 2006

Rock, Flag, And Eagle


Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Remarkably Assertive Tea

Forthcoming: an extensive post on my neverending, unfathomably deep love for Full House.

It will go into the following topics:
-multiple successes of the comedic rule-of-three
-nearly undetectable ad-libs
-emotional vulnerability in a family setting
-little baby sass-mouthed Michelle
-how truly funny I'm finding Dave Coulier these days (you have to just trust me on this one, and also you have to realize that I'm FULLY disregarding all those fucking looney tunes impressions) (just find the youtube for full house outtakes and watch the part where it goes
Jesse: haven't you ever seen 'my three dads?' (cringes because he messed up the line)
Joey: (beat) yeah, it's called Full House, you dipshit.
-oh I don't know. I'll come up with more items when I actually do the thing.
-oh yeah, and the stupendous sexual tension between uncle jesse and michelle JUST KIDDING EVERYBODY? NO? YES? I JUST SAYING.

And my friend Addison said that the place where they're supposed to live in San Francisco is actually a real shit-fest part of town. Que intéressant!

Remember the thing I wrote about the Dennis the Menace movie? It'll be like that, only more modern, since I wrote that thing like a year ago. Let me find it so you can get a better sense of what I'm talking about.
I found it!
It's nice to know I've made such progress as a functioning person in just thirteen months

Friday, August 11, 2006

No, No. I'll Clean It Up

Did you know those crazies over at Oxygen have started calling Sue Johanson "SueJo?"

That's so gross.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Boy, Do You Hear Me Say, Do You Hear Me Say Now?

here are some anagrams for my name:

-Crabby? Ask me.
-my kebabs car
-baby racks me
-cabby makers
-my back bear

Here's a cool name for a band or something that was an anagram for another name that I can't remember:
-Marries Motif

Here's what I can sometimes turn into when I'm playing a videogame:
-a shithead

though may I say that I totally BROUGHT IT to Guitar Hero today after work? The secretary Dorothy and I were rocking out so hard on the easy version of Boston's "More than a Feeling" that we almost broke the thing twice. I guess we had just closed our eyeeeees and we slipped awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

(bitchin' solo)

LIVING ON SOMEDAY OHHHHHHHH (did you know that's not really the line, though? I always heard "more than a feeling, living on somedays" but it's actually "more than a feeling when I hear the old song they used to play." I JUST found that out)

Here are the songs that I'm apparently really into these days:
-More than a feeling (boston)
-Caught up in you (.38 special)

Especially the second one, though. They really know how to break it down for us in the middle there. You know what I'm talking about, right? How like, there's a verse, then some musical interlude blah blah blah but then suddenly there's this CRAZY part that completely show's me what's what? It really does break it down.
The part with like, "if there - - comes a day - - when you should turn and walk away" blah blah. You know what I'm talking about.

I'm packing up to go back home. And I'm only a little perversely excited about the wisdom tooth extraction surgery I have coming up. I've never been put under before!

Here's how it'll happen:
Nurse: Okay, Becky, I'm just going to give you this shot and that'll be that.
(gives Becky a shot)
Becky: Do you want me to count back from 100?
Nurse: No, you don't need-
Becky: 100, 99, 98...(glances around room) 97, 96...(getting worried)...eeghghhhh? 95? 94? 92 Oh God 93?! Eghghghghghghhg 92?! 91?!! (screaming) NINETY?!!!! (charges off table, collapses near the counter with all those cotton swabs and tongue depressors, vomits onto floor and shirt)
Mom: Becky? Wake up Becky. It was alllllll a dreeeeeeeeeammmmmmm!


Monday, August 07, 2006

I Was Around, I Was Around

Things were generally a lot better when Pete & Pete was on. What's making me think this is the Polaris cd I'm listening to on someone else's itunes. If you get a chance, listen to "she is staggering" or "summerbaby" and try NOT to wish with everything you have that you could just be at home on saturday afternoon again, waiting for pete & pete to come on. Probably watching My Brother & Me or some bologna to pass the time. In autumn.

Autumn saturday afternoon waiting for Pete & Pete to come on, probably wearing a flannel shirt because it's 1994. Then after Pete & Pete, probably you'd go outside and rake leaves or play in leaves.

listening to this is killing me.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Damn, What A Video

Friday, August 04, 2006

He's Got A Name

it's Corn Mo. And here's Dave Hill's blog, which looks so much like mine! COUSINS?!

Nine Days On The Wagon, It Looks Like

it's been a week and a half and I still don't have anything to say.
Except that I saw two ucb shows this week and they were:
1) Baby wants candy
2) the Dave Hill Explosion.

They were both totally cool. Maybe I should myspace dave hill. We got there too early and were first in line - of the ticketed line - and then dave hill walked into the theatre and I gasped and whispered "dave hill!" but he heard me and waved. He interviewed some girl with a book and her dad, the ethicist. And this piano guy that was really good but I forgot his name. His song was called "bye bye girls" and it sounded like meatloaf.

and I've kept track of everything I've worn at my internship all summer. 25 outfits and I've reworn one. I rewore the june 27th one on july 17th. I don't think anyone noticed.