Thursday, March 31, 2005

Guaglione (Tu Vuoi Suffrire, Tu Vuoi Morire)

Seriously, no comments on that last one? that was a busy day, and today all I do is drop things I'm trying to eat on the floor. And wear skirts. I've worn two different skirts today, one of them with a pajama shirt.

Katherine's new art is up and now I'm advertising for it:
Remind you of anything?

Hey Kit Kat, was this the one you were drawing when you were telling me about all the assholes on your hall stopping by and commenting on it? I seem to remember a funny story that with it, but I think I forgot it.

The past few days I've come really really close to - I mean breathing in the exhaled air of - taking violent spills. Yesterday I tried to jump off a platform and my right foot got caught so I almost fell face-first into a sidewalk from four feet ( + me = 9') up, BUT LUCKILY I anticipated the fact that I would probably do that, so I kicked out that leg really fast and somehow landed with both feet.
Also, a couple of times I almost fell all the way down the steps in front of Low Library. Which is quite a feat, if I do say so myself.

Great News! The finger went back to normal size and now it's just bruised. And this snack mix is tres bien. But then, as I told Alison last night, "if they put enough cheese powder on it, I'll eat anything." Which I kind of think sums up my entire existence.
That, and this one time a few summers ago when I suddenly thought, "why do I have more than one band-aid on this hand?"

You won't be lonely
When it's over.

Turn Away, Turn Away From Me, From Me

Oh Lordy what a day

1) Wake up for Dave & Dave with Hector and Grace - always a thrill to contact real celebrities over the WBAR instant messenger service. It truly, truly, actually is.

2) Reluctantly leave halfway through show for Lit Hum

3) Two...hours...long...but we talked about Pride & Prejudice, which was fun...nish

4) One long hour and 15 regular minutes of Frontiers of Science section

5) Now I understand how Dr. Kevorkian's death machine worked

6) Thanks, Frontiers!

7) And thanks, action potential caused by ion gradients, for letting me live.

8) lunch - garden burger with meat chili on it. What a balance...of the palate

9) Italian fun as always...came down with some serious spring fever right in the middle of it, though. I "davvero"ed like everything that was said. Davvero.

10) Episode of Home Movies with Donald

11) Played catch with Joe! A beautiful day outside called for my beautiful nation's favorite pastime, and who was I to resist?

12) Middle of game of catch - curious, this left index finger feels a little throbby. Better just pull off this mitt and- WHOA OH MY GOD MY FINGER LOOKS LIKE A PULSATING, BLUE-VIOLET GUMBALL Somebody get me to health services!

13) Joe feels bad temporarily

14) I spend a little time with the doctors in health services...temperature: 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Blood pressure: 120/70. Pulse: 74 bpm. Finger: swollen and gross. Flexors: still attached! This is amazing because if they had come unnattached, I'd have to get finger surgery to reattach them. Thanks, Dr. O'Brien, for the awesome news!

15) Hey...O'Brien...happy fortune, you've pulled another one on me!

16) Ice the finger for rest of day

17) Help Tess do a crossword puzzle on her computer

18) Eat food with Hannah and Vishal and Shoshana while icing finger in dining hall

19) Hannah and I retreat to my room to watch some (many) Prangstgrup videos.

20) Oh man they are GOOD.

21) 7-8pm lost hour

22) Varsity Show rehearsal all the live-long night. As long as the night is gay...

23) Songs I listen to on my iPod as I walk over:
a) Say Something New CONCRETES
b) You Can't Hurry Love CONCRETES
c) What a Fool Believes DOOBIE BROTHERS
d) When It's Over LOVERBOY

24) Songs I listen to while at rehearsal:
NONE. That would be unprofessional

25) Oh wait! I remember what I did between prangstgrup and rehearsal - listened to Eugene's Crazy New Cinematic Soundtrack Project on WBAR. And I IMed him using the WBAR instant messenger thingie as well. Today was a big day for open communication with radio DJs. A Successful Venture, Indeed.

26) Twenty-six items on this list already? I said it before and I'll say it again - this has been a big day.

27) I should be tuckered out. But I'm not

28) Then at rehearsal, Pat tried to show the ladies how to block this really sexually charged scene, and, as I review the situation in my mind, I'm wondering if I made everyone feel weird by watching them so intently. I'd apologize, but I really can't control where my eyes go. And what else is a stage manager there for, if not to watch steamy love scenes unfold through the magic of theatre?

29) This whole eye-wandering thing was mostly a problem in high school, when PDA first got to be soooo huge. My eyes just sort of rested on things all the time...and they usually happened to be people making out. And then the people would usually stop making out to look at me. And then my brain would be like, "well fuck this, you stupid eyes. I'm out of here. footsteps, car door slam, squealing tires, etc." And then by that time, I'd be like shrugging or something, blabbering about how I wasn't a pervert or anything.

30) Thirty is a good place to stop. Just like with aging. And episodes of Strangers With Candy to watch in one day.

30)b) haha the joke in that one is that SWC only had three seasons, each made of 10 episodes. Unless I repeated some, I could ONLY watch thirty! HA!

30)c) Well I'll see you guys later.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's Only Castles Burning

I don't even know anymore.

Things are strewn everywhere and I have bruises on the backs of my arms, above my elbows. Both my feet are asleep. I'm staring at a ball of goldenrod yarn. My moccasins stink. I'm so conflicted about Tegan and Sara. Here's why:
+) catchy tunes, like "Walking With A Ghost"
-) overdoing the image, ie pixie bangs and choppy, grossly uneven haircut on the one with a lip ring

It was nice today but not warm. It was cool - "'You look so cool.' Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space. With an effort she glanced down at the table. 'You always look so cool,' she repeated. She had told him that she loved him, and Tom Buchanan saw." That's from a little ditty called The Great Gatsby, written by a crazy man by the name of Fitzgerald. Yeah, yeah I better cite it in case his estate falls upon my blog.

Bloggy: visibly nervous Wait, nothin's gonna happen to us, right Becky?
Becky: Bloggy, even if the family of F. Scott Fitzgerald DID come after us, I'd protect you. Nothing will ever happen to you.
Bloggy: Well that soothes my fragile nerves. Just like--
Together: Rick Springfield!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Look At Mother Nature On The Run In The 1970s

Today is:

...meaning that posting the following is imperative:


Talkin' to myself and feeling old.
Sometimes I'd like to quit;
Nothing ever seems to fit;
Hangin' around, nothing to do but frown;
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

What I've got they used to call the blues:
Nothin' is really wrong;
Feelin' like I don't belong;
Walkin' around, some kind of lonely clown;
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Funny, but it seems that I always wind up-a here with you;
Nice to know somebody loves me
Funny, but it seems that it's the only thing to do:
Run and find the one who loves me.

What I feel is come and gone before:
No need to talk it out; (talk it out)
We know what it's all about.
Hangin' around, nothing to do but frown;
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Oh MAN here's why I love the Carpenters:
For some reason, I can only sing well when I sing along with Karen Carpenter. Ask Katherine - she'll be the first to tell you.

You: Man, Becky never sings well. It's disgusting.
Katherine: No wait - before you judge - you should hear her sing along to "We've Only Just Begun." I have, and I feel okay about it.
You: It's worth a shot, I guess.
Becky: singing sweetly We've only just beguuuun to liiiiiiive....white lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we're on our way...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Mark This Day

as the best day of all time!

(must use discretion since I'm excited about something that maybe shouldn't be posted on this wildly public blog)

But Know This:
Sometimes incredible things happen to Becky when she takes chances. That's all she's saying.

(All The Young Dudes,
Carry The News)

This Ring Will Never Be Too Big For My Finger/ This Rose Will Never Die

It's Easter!

I would rather not write this Lit Hum paper on Easter, but it is due tomorrow, so I seem to have painted myself into a horrible corner. I'm pretty sure I'm the first person who's ever said this: College would be so much better without all these classes.

Last night my friends and I dressed in men's/ women's clothing (envision a cross between To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar and Annie Hall). Since we couldn't think of anything to do while so dressed, we changed back pretty quickly. It was a crazy night.

Then this morning I listened to "Con Te Partiro" or "Time To Say Goodbye" (Bocelli and Brightman version) and felt like crying. That always happens with that song, so I'm not worried. Here's what I am worried about: the paper and the fact that I haven't gone to an Easter service today and am starting to consider not going to one tonight. I wish I had worked something out with Matt so I would have to go. Maybe I'll call him and see what he did/ plans to do. Maybe I just won't write the paper. Yeah, that works.

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World:
1) Great Pyramid of Giza
2) Hanging Gardens of Babylon
3) Statue of Zeus at Olympia
4) Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
5) Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
6) Colossus of Rhodes
7) Lighthouse of Alexandria

The 2 Wonders of March 27:
1) Easter (of course)
2) Dan Byrne's birthday!

The 1 Wonder of This Entry:
1) Happy Birthday, Uncle Dan!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

For Once In My Life

Events of the Weekend:
1) Thursday: Decide not to go to Philo, not to go to Ferris Reel, not to go anywhere apparently

2) I can't remember what I did - I didn't go out. I know I watched the OC...oh yeah I got coffee with Alison and tried to go to bed early for the sake of an appointment at 9:30 AM Friday morning

3) 9:30 AM-10:30- appointment

4) 10:30-2:30- Back in my room sleeping

5) Hung out with Mark for a lot of the day, went out around four-thirty to get some food and free tickets to hear Jonathan Safran Foer speak on April 8th

6) Hung out with next-door neighbor, then with Mark and his visiting (and inordinately fun) friend from Georgia who goes to Brown with Rhea Perlman & Danny DeVito's daughter (!!!!!!!)

7) Once she got out of the way for Rhea Perlman!

8) Friday night: I'm not going to use the term "pregame," but what Alison and I do is akin to the general nature of the term

9) Then we go out to Duane Reade to try to find shirts, which we would've embellished to show our support for this guy we know's radio doesn't pan out

10) We go to Nacho's to help celebrate Alison's friend Jack's suitemate's birthday. His name is Dre and Nacho's is fine. Although I usually find bar situations awkward, I am somehow convinced to get up and dance, and I immediately elbow some girl's drink out of her hands... greeeeeaaaaat

11) I see incredibly hot work-study cafeteria guy at the bar

12) Alison and I eventually leave, taking a path out of the bar that makes us pass by cafeteria guy.

13) Cafeteria guy says "Hel-lo" to me as I say "excuse me" to get by. THIS IS A BIG DEAL

14) Cafeteria guy and I get married and are in love for-ever

15) But before that, Alison and I go back to dorm and sit with Mike and my next-door neighbor for a while watching a new WinAmp visualizer Mike downloaded.

16) I can't get to sleep until 6

17) I somehow wake up before 1 on Saturday

18) Put on makeup to go down to Brunch at cafeteria, in case hot cafeteria guy is there

19) He isn't; I need a shower

20) whoa you guys..."shower" is an anagram for "whores." I figured it out when I tried to write "shower" and it came out "hwore"

21) Heavy stuff

22) La lune est libre!
(je crois)


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sugar Ray: Just When They Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Better, They Didn't

I figured out what it was I wanted to write (that I forgot during the last entry):
this week has been The Week of Awkward Waves. People look away right as I wave, I either look away or stare blankly when people wave at me, we waver instead of full-on wave, and everything turns awkward very quickly. I should really just stop waving. But we both know that I'll never be able to stop. My life is pain.

I just watched Steve Carell do a Paul Lynde impression on Conan and I can die a happy wo-man to-night!

"I'll have a double cheeseburger and a chocolate shake"

Say "ok, mr. poopy-pants" and it automatically comes out like Paul Lynde.

whoa whoa whoa but now these weird nonagenarian lady wrestlers are coming onto Conan and I am so disgusted that I can hardly move for fear that I'll puke all over the place.

uuuuggghhhhhhh I've decided in advance to skip fencing tomorrow and I'll go late to Italian -so- it looks like I'm looking right into the eyes of an insanely restful night/morning. Sleep, that's what she'll do. Sleep until she can't sleep any longer! She can't sleep ANY LONGER!

double cheeseburger and chocolate shake - comic gold!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Let Them Know That Don Loves The Smothers Brothers

Looks like old Becky put her sleuthing skills to work for her and found out a particular date that has to do with a particular teacher that she used to have...particularly. Oh man, am I a genius.

I just laughed out loud at something and it came out like "...HEGH!"

soooo there was something I wanted to write but I forgot.

it rained today and the rain turned into snow but now it's back to freezing rain. And Mark drew on my hand with this pen whose ink won't come off. And I need to wash my hair. And Don just said to me, " me a favor...and don't make fun of me anymore." I probably went "...HEGH" when he said it.

In Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, how exactly did the girl teach the guy to whistle by french-kissing him? Maybe I have the sequence of events mixed up, but I just don't understand.

So that the world may know!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Side! It's Splitting!

Here's who is really good at putting new, exciting lyrics to old musical stand-bys:
Katherine C. Turner

1) Slow down! You eat too fast-
You've got to make your dinner last
...something something and Feeling Hungry!

2) Hello Ice Cream, my old friend
I've come to eat you again

She should put out a cd called "Simon & Garfunkel & Me ...& Dinner!"

I should keep wearing this sweater vest!

My computer should stop playing this terrible, terrible song!

ahhhh oh yes that's right I'll fly to the arms of my sweet Danny's Song...conceived in love - the sun is gonna shine above! And even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with ya honey

I'm So Glad You're Shaq! (that's what my window says)

The Living Is Easy

Maybe I should give it one more chance-
the lucky third entry of Monday
the old college try
...lucky three
I Give Up

Things about today:

1) Keep listening to Zombies songs. Only have 5 in rotation, so we're all getting pretty well-acquainted.

2) First Varsity Show rehearsal in a while. And boy, was it a good one! ...seriously, was it a good one?

3) Yes

4) Brochure I picked up today: "What a match! One Broadway classic joins another - Harvey Fierstein in Fiddler On The Roof!" Oh man I heart Fiddler.

5) Who doesn't?

6) Still have to do at least two assignments

7) Frontiers of Science assignment: read these two articles that I didn't really even skim the first time around, then answer some questions about them. Applying my knowledge. Shouldn't be hard, if I ever started.

8) Music Theory assignment: I don't remember. Mr. Holland assigned it two weeks ago and I think I wrote it down somewhere. Ooooooof now that I think about it, it's that thing with the shorthand chords and I'm screwed because I suck a little. And I have an Ear Training midterm coming up, during which I have to sight-sing. Why did I do this? Why didn't I register for a psychology class, or something else where I just have to listen to lectures and do the reading on my own? If I could turn back time, I'd surely tell myself to do something differently. Probably.

9) I could sleep now.

10) But the work! And Harvey Fierstein! And Zombies! And they're having empanadas!

End of list, end of the listless and humid night, end of listerine-incapacitated mouths, end of listening to all this.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Tell Her No

And if she should tell you "come closer"
And if she tempts you with her charms

Tell her no no no no no-no-no-no
No no no no no-no-no-no
No no no no no
Don't hurt me now for her love belongs to me

And if she should tell you "I love you"
And if she tempts you with her charms

Tell her no no no no no-no-no-no
No no no no no-no-no-no
(don't take her love for your arms)
No no no no no
Don't hurt me now for her love belongs to me

I know she's the kind of girl
Who'd throw my love away
But I still love her so
Don't hurt me now, don't hurt me now

If she tells you "I love you"
Just remember she said that to me


There's A Girl With Cherry Chapstick On


Problem Set-check

wow this lotion smells good-check

will get haircut someday-someday check

boring post-check

should consider doing some sit-ups or something-not check

such a long repost that she seems this close-check

ugh this one isn't doing it for me-boo


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Life On Mars, Or Podemos Tutearnos?

QUESTION: What song did you just get that you might already be regretting?
ANSWER: "While You See A Chance" by one mister Steve Winwood

QUESTION: In New York?
ANSWER: Why, yes! Yes I am!

QUESTION: And mom's completely better?
ANSWER: Yes, yes indeed.

QUESTION: Where are you working this summer?
ANSWER: Barnes & Noble, thanks for asking.

QUESTION: What's up with your throat starting to hurt the instant you step out of your cab?
ANSWER: Who knows. I'm taking medicine, though. I've seen the doc. You can't worry anymore now!

QUESTION: Who said I was worried?
ANSWER: Oh, you know. I just heard it...around. Besides, everybody's saying it.

QUESTION: Who's "everybody?" You're 8 years old - you only know your parents.
ANSWER: When did this turn into that scene from Wedding Singer?

QUESTION: What are the words to your new favorite song, which you listened and danced to very meaningfully in your car over and over again during break?

Life On Mars
David Bowie

It's a God-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling "No"
And her daddy has told her to go
But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks through her sunken dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And she's hooked to the silver screen
But the film is a saddening bore
For she's lived it ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools
As they ask her to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man! Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

It's on Amerikas tortured brow
That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow
Now the workers have struck for fame
'Cause Lennon's on sale again
See the mice in their million hordes
From Ibeza to the Norfolk Broads
Rule Britannia is out of bounds
To my mother, my dog, and clowns
But the film is a saddening bore
'Cause I wrote it ten times or more
It's about to be writ again
As I ask you to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man! Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

Friday, March 18, 2005

Water Stains On The Old "Great St. Leger Stakes" Coaster

The deal:
1) Still at home
2) Leaving Saturday night so there can be some overlap between me and Matt
3) Mom is much, MUCH better
4) She's still in hospital because the neurologist suggested an EEG
5) I'm going to talk to the Barnes & Noble woman in an hour
6) Ate some leftover pizza from when Katherine brought me pizza last night
7) Which was delicious
8) I think they put oregano in the sauce or something, because SERIOUSLY it is some delicious, delicious sauce.
9) What's your favorite food, Jerri?
10) Crepe Suzette!
11) eerrrrrrrr (buzzer on lie detector)
12) dejected...Meatballs.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

But Why Is Her Font Still So Strange?

Here's why:
I'm still in Georgia because my mother has been in the ER since Tuesday night. Her flu came back with a vengeance, but then the doctors gave her Reglan for her nausea and she had a miserable reaction to it. So now we're waiting for it to leave her system, and that has taken the longer side of 48 hours. I'm leaving tomorrow and my brother is flying in on Saturday.

Why do you need to know all this?
You don't. But you cared enough to ask about the font.

I got a call from the cafe manager at Barnes & Noble yesterday. So that's pretty great. I think it's because I dropped no fewer than five separate big names on the application, and I additionally filled in "available" for every waking minute of the work-week grid. Whatever gets me that call...

So now I'm Motorin'.
What's my price for flight
in finding Mr. Right?
I'll be alright tonight.
Right after I brush these teeth!

Monday, March 14, 2005


Just saw that Holly left a comment...
so here you go, Holly: An Explanation of Terms
1) TAB = Tess, Alison, Becky. Tess and Alison (the best two girls John Jay 7 has ever known) and I were trying to live together next year in the
2) LLC = Living Learning Center (which sounds (and is) lame, but which gives single rooms to sophomores (making it very, very attractive))

The LLC is a dorm that you have to apply to live in, and since so many people applied for next year, only random applicants got in. My poor poor TAB didn't make it together, but next year should still be fine.

Maybe Holly shall visit when the B part of the defunct TAB lives in the damn LLC next year. If she wants.

1) The Grape - some wine bar at the Forum
2) Barnes & Noble - I've put in at least 5 applications there so far in my life. This is my round... I can feel it.
3) Williams Sonoma - two old ladies at the register. Maybe Becky doesn't want to work there.
4) Mambo Italiano - some pizza/pasta/gelato place at the Forum. They were out of applications, so I had to write my name and number and experience blah blah on the back of some piece of receipt paper.

The only place that didn't completely disgust me was Barnes & Noble. I should get the phone number and spend all spring calling, begging for that damn job in a nice, air conditioned store where I can have some privacy and not have to clean up ice cream every day I care to earn $5.15/hr.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older?

Sunday, March 13, 2005

It's Been A Long Time Since Technology Truly Advanced

What's this? New text options because I'm using my mom's computer at home?


I'm at home now and it's bitchin. Except that the wireless internet router won't work, so I have to use mom's computer.

I slept for 15 hours last night.
Nap 10-12:15ish
Sleep 12:30-1:30

Who would drink a Bud out of an old fashioned can?
Not me.

Though I'm a fan of the idea of an old fashioned can.

Man this keyboard is loud loud loud.
Clack clack clack
Not as refreshing as a typewriter.

Bonus Simpsons next?
Enjoying Arrested Development as I type?

Yes and YES.


I just saw the sweetest commercial of my life

and it has some little boy making a cake with his mom and he's so sweet and they're talking and bonding and the mom is like "Does she know you like her?" and he's like "I guess" and then they make the cake so it looks like a heart and the next day they drive to school and when the boy gets out the mom is like "Wait you forgot her cake!" and he turns around and knowingly shakes his head and then goes into school


good, non?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How Am I Different?


Reasons: (!)

1) waking up at 7:30 to study for Lit Hum midterm a success!

2) Lit Hum midterm a success!...or so thinks my flying-high-on-false-sense-of-security brain

3) saw J. Stiles for the third time! I passed her as I went out of the library and she went in. You know what that means, folks...proximity.

4) Italian midterm came back and it was the grandest success of all!

5) doctor's appointment: getting over my cold!

6) saw Annie Murphy and her Wake friends because they're in the city over their spring break!

7) finally wore that new dress I bought (don't worry, I wore pants (don't worry - it's supposed to go with pants) so I wasn't cold)

8) I should take a shower

9) No more midterms except for a few negligible music ones after spring break!

10) So so so very ready to sleep tonight.

11) but not before fun times with my friends!

12) yes!

13) just did a really successful back stretch over me chair

14) talking like a pirate agayne!

15) but only sporadically!

yeah, better sing as loud as possible...


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

If I Were Your Woman

What would I do?
I'd never -no no- stop loving you.

(yes, that's what I'm listening to, and yes, I hope Gladys Knight got to be that guy's woman or whatever)

Yesterday I sat outside on the steps in the sweet sweet sun
and today I sit in my room watching the snow fall outside
and I'm pretty happy with both days.

And since adult swim won't let me send the card I wanted to send, here's how it will be:


Not gonna phone it in tonight!
Italian midterm in 13 minutes.
No big deal. I feel good about it.
Watch this:
singer/songwriter = il cantautore, la cantautrice

couldn't be any easier.
Just have to watch out for Lit Hum tamarry.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Reluctant Correction

No more TAB. Why, good news? Why do you always tack on an extra shit-contingency to yourself? No, there will be no TAB in the LLC next year. There will be only myself and the best Minnesotan I know, one miss Alison Hillier. Fare thee well, TAB. There is always a place for you in the night-sky. In that gorgeous, blackety black black night sky.

Me: I miss you, TAB.
TAB: whispering Just look into the night-sky...



a) Katherine...math test...98!

b) Viva la TAB in the LLC!

c) Free chocolate mud pudding in Lerner! (with gummies and oreo crumbs and everything)

d) Still sick?

e) How can I still be sick?!

f) Only one more class today - l'italiano!

g) A sunny day deserves some Donovan!
--"Wear Your Love Like Heaven," anyone?
---yes, PLEASE.

h) The girls' basketball team at Wesleyan won State!

i) Bad News: almost out of cough drops AGAIN. Don't get me started. Don't even get me started.

j) That's from some Molly Shannon skit where she dresses up like a bad 80's stand-up comedienne and says things like:
"I'm getting pretty desperate...I'm suffering from PMMS - please marry me, somebody! Don't get me started. Don't even get me started!"
"My ex-husband developed a bad case of stretch marks...on his wallet! Don't get me started."
"Do you know what really bugs me? Men who pee on the seat. aarrrgghhh! Don't get me started. Don't even get me started."

k) "By the way, if a gorgeous, sexy guy with a great body stops in, he's probably gay! Don't get me started. Don't even get me started!"

l) My girl (me) wants to party (sleep) all the time, party (sleep) all the time, party (party) all the ti-ime.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Where Have You Been?

Still sick

The Varsity Show all weekend

Performance today

oh sooooo sick

I drooled on my pillow a few minutes ago because it hurts to breathe through my nose (which I can't do anyway)

Sleep? How about study for midterms and watch Oprah's Their Eyes Were Watching God?

yeah fine with me

Friday, March 04, 2005

Thanks, Revlon! or, I've Known All Along You Couldn't Live Forever In-Between

I just made $30 - count em - $30 for participating in a Revlon Corporation video shoot. Six or seven of us went down to Times Square, where we one-by-one stood in front of a camera on the sidewalk and repeated whatever the guy to the side told us.

(the video is for a Revlon convention in Toronto, so the video is made of Canadian/American stereotypes followed by a universal love of Revlon)

Here's how it went:
Guy To The Side: Canada? Sure, Canada's ok.
Me: CANADA? sip some coffee Sure...Canada's okay!
GTTS: Igloos...don't they live in igloos?
Me: IGLOOS!! DON'T they live in IGLOOS?!
GTTS: Revlon? Yeah, I've heard of Revlon.
Me: RevLON? Yes, I've heard of sip
GTTS: Maybel-whaaa?
GTTS: Cover Girl's for amateurs.
Me: COVER girl is for AMATEURS.
GTTS: then you should say something like "goodbye, see you back in the United States of America!"
Me: Goodbye! See you back in the U.S. of A! that's right, I said U.S. of A.
GTTS: then walk away and wave to us
Me: walks away, turns around, and waves to camera
GTTS: Thanks! Here's $30.
Me: Thank YOU.


Cha-ching! Remind me to do corporate videos whenever I get the chance! What an easy $30.

Interesting side-note:
right after the shoot, I called my brother, whose apartment is like three blocks away from where I was. Maybe we could hang out, you know? But it turns out he had gone to the movies...right in Times Square! So I went into one of the movie theatres hoping I could at least say hello to him, but he was already inside the blah blah blah this isn't interesting anymore. So long story short: I was fifty yards away from my brother but never saw/talked face-to-face with him. And I made $30.

PS Still sick.
PPS I never realized that cough drops help when you actually have a cough. Seriously guys - my throat has been killing me and, as luck would have it, these cough drops I purchased are really helping out. Thanks, cough drops. Thank you.

And thanks, Brooklyn Bridge, for recording this song we call "Worst That Could Happen," which I am currently listening to and enjoying.
(Maaaaybe if he loves you more than me, maybe it's the best thing, maybe it's the best thing for you - but it's the worst that could happen...tooooooo me)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

La Femme D'Argent Is Just Our Style

Coughing yesterday = painful cold/flu symptoms today.

What's Wrong With Me:
1) Achey muscles - especially the right leg, which I have to use to lunge in Fencing, which is usually sore but today is unbearably sore.
2) Still coughing - that kind where you think it's just a little cough, but then you hack and cough and make horrible sounds continually for ten minutes afterwards.
3) Mild headache.
4) No one on my floor has a thermometer, so there's no way I could ever really know if I have a fever.
5) It hurts to wear jeans - just want to be in sweatpants all day long
6) Skipped Fencing this morning - making it the third class I've skipped this week. Wow this is a slippery slope. (what else have you skipped this week, Becky? Why...Lit Hum and Music Theory, thanks for asking)

Congratulations to Mary for her av new blog.

Congratulations to Katherine for making hers even cooler.

Congratulations to my eyelids for staying open as I type.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Viva Dave & Dave!

Many thanks to Dave & Dave with Hector and Grace for playing my request this morning on air. I think it was a success. I hope everyone enjoyed listening to "Half-Breed" as much as I did. And yes, of course there was dancing - endless, politically incorrect, joyous dancing.

I had a dream last night that I was walking out of Kent Hall and saw Michael Ian Black in his costume from Wet Hot American Summer walking into the building. So I turned around and went back in, only to see that David Wain and Michael Showalter were there with him! So then all these kids started buzzing around even though they didn't know who they were crowding around, and I tried to tell Stella about my Showalter dream but I couldn't because too many a-holes were in the way. Accidenti!

I miss Chik-Fil-A so hard. Even now, with my current case of heartburn.

This girl in my Italian class likes Amy Sedaris and sleeping. I'm considering telling her that we should consider being friends.

the one livable aspect of waking up at 8am on Wednesdays.

I thought I lost my stapler, but then I found it.

Anyone hear about J. Cockrill's pregnancy? Uncle Dan, give me a ring when the baby comes out. Please.

Well I try and try to forget you girl, but it's just so hard to do - every time you do that thing you do!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Midday Gym Clothes Jamboree

The Unexpected Tramps

Me: Hey Todd- well, you finally dragged me here. What did you want to say to me?
Todd Rundgren: hesitates We can't play this game any longer...can we still be friends?
Me: What the fuck?
TR: Things just can't go on like before, but can we still be friends?
Me: Gee Todd, I really don't know what to say-
TR: We had something to learn.
Me: What?
TR: Now it's time for the wheel to turn.
Me: What wheel? Is this about that time at your mother's?!
TR: Let's admit we made a mistake.
Me: Just because she didn't want that "antique" broken doesn't mean I should've had to shell out $30-
TR: Don't waste time feeling hurt. We've been through hell together. Can we still be friends?
Me: I've had just about enough of this garbage. turns off record player. Passionately crying. Damn you, Todd Rundgren! Damn you and your unwavering musical genius!...and yes...yes we can still be friends.


Ten Most Played Songs on iTunes:

1) Sea of Love Cat Power 43
2) Si Te Vas Shakira 43
3) Only You Yazoo 43 (not the "Only You" you're thinking of)
4) I Saw the Light Todd Rundgren 42
5) You Guys Are My Best Friends Cartman, South Park 40
6) Can We Still Be Friends Todd Rundgren 40
7) Lo Boob Oscillator Stereolab 39
8) A Dream Goes On Forever Todd Rundgren 39
9) Hello, It's Me Todd Rundgren 38
10) Listen to What the Man Said Wings 38